Plan Commission

Plan Commission

The Plan Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the Village Board relating to the planning, zoning and development of the village. The commission may also make recommendations to the Village Board concerning changes, alterations and additions to existing Zoning Districts.

Plan Commission meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.
The Plan Commission consists of the Village President, a Village Trustee, and five citizen members.

Robert Stigler
Village President

Chad Niles
Village Trustee #1

Joe Dable (3-Yr Term ending 4/30/2027)

Dan Buchholtz (3-Yr Term ending 4/30/2025)

Todd Fregien 
(1-Yr Term ending 4/30/2025)

Victoria Hekkers 
(3-Yr Term ending 4/30/2026)                                                                                    

Brian Webb  
(1-Yr Term Ending 4/30/2025)