Once your dog reaches 5 months of age, they are required to be vaccinated against rabies and then be licensed. Licenses are required to be applied for by March 31 of each year or within 30 days of acquiring ownership of a dog 5 months of age or older. The license fees for dogs that are neutered or spayed is $10 and $15 for dogs that are not neutered or spayed. A $5 late fee will be added to licenses issued after April 1.

License Requirements

  • Dog License Application Form
  • Proof of current rabies vaccination (An invoice or statement from your veterinarian which shows the rabies manufacturer, serial number, and expiration date is acceptable proof.)
  • License Fee
    • Spayed / neutered dogs - $10 per animal per year
    • Dogs not spayed / not neutered - $15 per animal per year